Stockage cryogénique d’électricité pour l'énergie et la réfrigération renouvelable

The CryoHub project has produced a report of renewable energy installations in the EU-28 countries, to identify those sites which are closest to refrigerated warehouses with energy demand.  This preliminary analysis will be the basis for identifying locations that have the potential for successful application of the CryoHub technology - that is, refrigerated warehouses less than 1km from PV and wind installations.


The "Report on Renewable Energy Storage (RES) Mapping" (D2.2) published by CryoHub in May 2017 provides two levels of analysis:

  • A general analysis of the existing PV and onshore wind installations presented in the form of maps. This allows identification of areas where renewable energy installations are located across Europe and where additional potential is available.
  • The location of specific food refrigeration warehousing sites close to relevant renewable energy installations.


In order to give a more complete picture of the potential for renewable energy storage various scenarios for the evolution of renewable energy take up and use in 2030 and in 2050 are also included in the CryoHub report.


Download Report here



Ce projet a reçu un financement du Programme de recherche et de l'innovation Horizon 2020 de l'Union européenne dans le cadre de subvention de l’accord no 691761.

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