Криогенно съхранение на енергия за възобновяем изкуствен студ и електрозахранване

On the 7th and 8th of February, two representatives of the Cryohub project, Daniele Negro and Dr. Alan Mark Foster attended the Energy Storage and Connected Systems 2017 Conference/Exhibition in London.


The team made contact with presenters, representatives of the exhibition and attendees. The presentations spanned from political and economic aspects, to technical and developmental issues related to energy storage. Overall, there is an agreement that the current UK energy framework proves unfavourable for energy storage, with realistic payback times of 15-25 years for domestic battery applications. The situation is not much better for grid scale energy storage services, which still need to rely on grid payments for ancillary services. There was a general agreement on the fact that the future policy changes would need to be significant in breath and in scale to address the problems the UK is going to face in the near future. The situation abroad (in EU and US) is significantly better in terms of framework and tariffs for energy storage devices. Germany is leading the way on distributed battery storage and power to gas applications.


A presentation was given by HighView Power. They have built a 350kW/2.5MWh Pilot Plant and have funding for a 5 MW system.


All in all, the conference/exhibition was an opportunity to network with hi-ranking individuals in the energy storage community.

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